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Simply God

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The author, born 1952, looks back at many exciting years, even though they were not always „easy“ years.

Black humour is of assistence, in any kind of trouble. „Humour is … when you laugh anyways, even when life gets tough.“

Even her relation with God, wasn´t always „that good“. She always resisted any interference in her life, even despite knowing better. But God, never gave up on her, and He – with unending forbearance – has, again and again, softly reached out to her.   


When I was in 1st grade, in elementary school, I stood outside, while having a break. Suddenly, the siren sounded. I cried out for fear, and I wept. The other children glanced at me. They were not afraid. What was this? Did I fear impending danger for other people?

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