Kongo Spirit Water Journey

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With an enthusiastic and positive attitude, I responded to a spirit and echoing voice from my

ancestors to come back into the heart of Africa, my homeland the KONGO to start a project

adventure for a search of potable and drinkable water sources for my community well as my

parent who was lacking it daily.

Although we witness the magical encounter of man and water source, however, success wasn’t

the final destination. An adventure that turns out not only to be an awakening journey that took

me, my family, and the whole community into the tunnel voyage of fear, sorrow, nostalgia from

the past, world political glimpses, organized religion, the sacred African spirituality, and now

the spiritual crisis in Africa, the illusion of existing enemies, witnessing angels in the sky and

evil-doers dancing then facing a mirror of witchcraft and realized that death was the only way

toward awakening.

A journey of inner and outer surrender which reveals the natural secret of self-healing methods,

which we all have abilities to access and manifest.

A concord adventure that was the echoes of African ancestors. A journey beyond the shadow of

doubt and the encounter of man and water throughout the rise up of the shining sun.


If there is one sacred element in our beautiful blue planet that can claim an ability to contain

physical and spiritual energies from a macro-level which connect us all, well as scientific and

spiritual information on every living thing and being, it is for sure our MOTHER WATER -

A carrier of it all. Water is a living spirit, full of life, and those who obey and surrender to it

will flourish.

Our African ancestors left us with wisdom that: “Where water is the Lord there, the land must

obey.” – African Proverb

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