Themenunabhängiges Vokabelfundament der englischen Sprache

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This is a memory-friendly vocabulary workshop for upper intermediate

and advanced learners of English who wish to brush up, expand,

enrich and update their English vocabulary.


– Arthur Eva, born 1942

– Studied English and geography at the universities of

Kiel, Göttingen, Freiburg, Ann Arbor and Mainz

– 1963/64: Assistant teacher in Nuneaton, England

– 1965/66: Graduate student and teaching fellow at the

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

– Taught English at schools in Trier, Alfeld and Oldenburg

– Oldenburg-Kolleg: Head of the English Department,

1971 to 2004; retired in 2004

– Taught VHS courses and has continued to teach English

on a voluntary basis at various schools ever since

– Produced worksheets for the online service of the

language newspapers World and Press and Business

World and Press; Schünemann, Bremen; 2013–2016

– Coronavirus lockdown: coaching the grandchildren

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